Today is the first anniversary of a dream come true. 

beautiful spot to camp.jpg

On this day a year ago–Tuesday, June 19th, 2018, I got to go backpacking for the first time ever.

Just a couple months prior, I was sitting in a “Backpacking 101” class at REI. A little window-shopping, if you will. It won’t happen in the near future, but it’s never too early for exposure. Might as well learn the basics.

A ton of information bombarded the curious cats, all of which seemed way beyond my reach. What’s with all this gear and techniques and wilderness survival know-hows? More than picking up useful information, the workshop left us first-timer hopefuls feeling discouraged and even more clueless than before.

Even still, the post of desire continued to simmer.

first backpacking trip-0907.jpg

 I blinked. And here I was, backpacking. 

Stories to come.

first backpacking trip-0928.jpg

But for today, I commemorate with this digital memorial stone. I celebrate, I give thanks, remembering that the God of all creation cares about the littlest desires of my heart… and delights in seeing them fulfilled. What? 

Brb, feasting on this truth (for ages to come).

Christine YooAlaska