Once upon

a time,


I joined yearbook class in a land far, far away, also known as high school. The end.

But actually, it was game over right then and there; a serious case of shutter-happy got me real good. Walking around with a borrowed entry level DSLR attached to my hip, I began to shoot anything and everything in sight. 

Fast-forward many, many years, and here we are. Somewhere between life and lemons, my passion has become my bread and butter. I get to document life and craft words for brands. Oh and capture love stories too.


Behind the lens... 

Worship nights are my JAM (sorry to confuse; that's not an acronym—just getting fired up and emphasizing via type). Fog is my favorite weather. The mountains are always calling my name.

Currently, I call Seattle home, but am constantly on the road, creating, hustling, and chasing wonder.


SELECT CLIENTS: GLCO, Topo Designs, Lagom Magazine, Brooklinen, Stella Artois, UberEATS, Outshine Snacks, University of Southern California, Flashstock, Brocade, Life & Thyme Magazine, The Daily Trojan, and El Rodeo