Are you a mountain person or a beach person?

Neither. I’m a desert gal.

Wait… what? Yeah, I don’t know. I was definitely an oceans person (hello waves and breeze all the way to the horizon) then I became a mountain gal (peaks and climbs). Now, I count the desert as my scene.

joshua tree golden hour-193.jpg

Golden hour is extra tasty in the yellow land.


Whatever claim I seem to be making here, take it with a grain of salt. I still love mountains and oceans. But I’ve found a special serenity in the desert, against all that I thought I liked.

Heart you, desert. In all of your barrenness.

Obviously I’m not roaming the desert in the summer months. Not about that sweating a slow death life. But in the winter (also late fall or early spring) –– w a u… the desert is a special place to be. No bugs, no bears to worry about; just you, your friends, and the wide open nothingness. Plus rocks and a cactus here and there.

backpacking in joshua tree.jpg

Speaking of disruptions in what you thought you were all about… nowadays I find myself more attracted to messy frames. The shots that aren’t polished or set up. The ones where… I see myself in them too.

Sometimes literally. See that shadow? That’s me taking pics.


TBD how this will all play out, but for now, here’s a little vow to desert the same old, same old. To experimenting, growth, and learning from trial and error.