Lookbook Material

lookbook photog-766.jpg

Sarah is an artist powerhouse. A talented dancer, graphic designer, and photographer in one. A triple threat! That is, until we discovered that she’s amazing in front of the camera, too. Scratch what I just claimed; let’s make it a quadruple threat.


See what I mean? A natural, through and through. Then I remembered she used to upload some next level self-portraits to Flickr, way back in the day.

We got together in the Bay Area for some fun in the sun (hello, mid-day, high noon light. Fun to experiment with ya. No sarcasm here; this was a stress-free, get our hands dirty type of photoshoot, all in our backyard. Or perhaps it’s more fitting to say our hair tangled up and noses running in the howlin’ wind kind of session).

If we had a call sheet or a creds section, it would read like this––

Model: Sarah Ching

Photographer: Christine Yoo

HMUA: Sarah Ching

Assistant: ferocious winds

Enjoy our lookbook featuring outfits made with Vans sneakers, Stutterheim raincoat, Blundstone boots, thrifted things + vintage finds, and many items out of Sarah’s adorable closet.


What I thought would’ve been an hour or two turned into a 4.5 hour shoot in the blink of an eye. Catching up, talking shop, and creating together. No stress, no fuss, no pressure; just 2 creatives making art. We would’ve easily continued had we not felt so winded (yes, pun was indeed intended; good job). Amazing way to spend the last day of 2018.

More Sarah Ching X Christine Yoo collabs to come when we reunite!


P.S. Check out gorgeous art over at Sarah Ching Photography.

Christine Yoo